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I was surprised by just how many groups and companies there are offering yoga experiences in Langkawi, regardless of whether interested parties are seasoned pros or absolute beginners. Most of the classes offered take place high in the hills, so you can enjoy great views in complete, relaxed, serenity.
Posted on 18/2/2012 by Jill Cutts

Re. Short but sweet
Mr Leyland, you might also enjoy the Langkawi Sky Bridge, or maybe your wife would. Terrifying I know, but still a great experience. My only gripe is that it is just under 10 miles from most of the action on Langkawi.
Posted on 24/4/2011 by Luke Hatton

Short but sweet
I've always had a fear of heights, but I had promised my wife, prior to flying to Malaysia, that we would go on a cable car together. Imagine how much my stomach dropped when I was told that we would be at least 700 metres above sea level! I survived though, and did enjoy it, but the only complaint I would have is that the ride is a little short at just over two kilometres.
Posted on 30/11/2010 by S. Leyland

Langkawi's best beach
I'm coming from Brazil where we have many beautiful beaches. I must say though that Tanjung Rhu is just as good as any beach I have seen at home. It was definitely the best in Langkawi anyway!
Posted on 29/9/2009 by A Silva

The boat trip I took to the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden is one of the best I've ever been on. Just like Lopburi in Thailand, which we had visited prior to heading down to Malaysia, there are plenty of monkeys on the island that might run off with bags if you don't keep an eye on them! Everything runs like a breeze apart from that though, with the highlight of the island being the lake itself - which is right in the centre.
Posted on 18/5/2008 by Liz Fraiser