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Coastal view of Nigerian resort

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Essential for Africans or those of African descent
After seeing the Roots series on DVD, I decided to trace back my heritage to my ancestors - who were both part of an Igbo tribe in Nigeria before being captured and shipped to the US. Upon getting to Lagos, the Black Heritage Museum was my first port of call. Essential for African-Americans and Africans in general. A thoroughly moving experience.
Posted on 17/9/2011 by R Owagu

Re. Great market
Friend, you haven't seen anything yet! Did you get the chance to go to the city of Kano and sample its Kurmi Market? Meant to be the largest one in Africa and I for one would definitely back that claim.
Posted on 28/3/2010 by Yvonne Chamberlain

Great market
Head to Lekki if you're looking purchase African art and locally made handicrafts. I must say, I had a better time than I thought I would while making my way down narrow alleys and ducking to avoid hitting my head on the low roofs. The bartering is quite fun too!
Posted on 15/2/2010 by Sam Danforth

The Oba of Lagos' palatial residence
We only had to venture a mile out of Lagos in order to enjoy Iga Idungaran - the Oba of Lagos' palatial residence. As could be expected, this is a wonderful building. The front is particularly impressive.
Posted on 18/3/2009 by Simon Morris

Best views of Kano
I was told by a Nigerian friend in the UK, who hailed from Kano, that the best views of his hometown were provided by Dala Hill. How right he was! So moving that I felt a lump in my throat. What a beautiful country.
Posted on 9/9/2008 by Michael Chapman