Anchorage Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(Anchorage, Alaska - AK, USA)

With a stunning location in a mountain-ringed harbor on Alaska's south coast, Anchorage may not be the state's capital, but it does serve as its business center, tourism hub and melting pot of modern culture. Residents of the city come from all over the United States and even the world, making Anchorage home to a very interesting cosmopolitan society.

Enjoying a relatively mild climate for this northern region, the city of Anchorage is often tourists' first taste of America's final frontier, and there are many enthralling museums, galleries and attractions that give visitors a great introduction to this magnificent land, with the added bonus of tax-free shopping.

Midtown District

Crossing over Chester Creek from Downtown, you enter Anchorage's Midtown district, home to more of the city's best restaurants, cafés and shopping areas. Midtown is also the center of Anchorage's live music and informal performing arts scene, with several bars and clubs offering everything from jazz and blues to theater and comedy. Karaoke bars are popular, as are lively dance clubs. The city's small but colorful gay community is also based in the Midtown area.

Downtown District

The blocks of the city near the Knik Arm waterfront form Anchorage's lively Downtown district, the throbbing heart of the city. Don't be put off by the several McDonald's stores and other signs of modern culture, there are plenty of quality restaurants and cafés serving up the best of local and international cuisine. Downtown Anchorage also has a great selection of stores, galleries and museums, while in the evening you'll discover some vibrant pubs, clubs and nightspots here.

East Anchorage District

East Anchorage is a change of pace from the bustling Downtown and Midtown areas. Here you can become acquainted with native Alaskan traditions and culture, and there are several shops and outlets selling traditional arts and crafts. East Anchorage is best explored during the day as there is not much to do here in the evenings.

Girdwood District

A resort town 40 miles / 64 km from Anchorage, Girdwood is the base for the Mount Alyeska Ski Resort and also boasts some great summer attractions. Situated in a wooded valley surrounded by mountainous peaks, the resort has plenty of specialty stores, quality restaurants and some lively nightspots. In winter all manner of snow sports are available, while in the warmer months you can go hiking, cycling and camping.