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A Week in Kyoto
One of the must-see day-trips is to climb Mount Inari; the mountain is covered in bamboo, shrines, statues and is absolutely stunning. The tori gates are iconic to Kyoto, and every bit as amazing up close. A truly wonderful, if tiring, day out.

The market at Toji Temple was a brilliant place to get fabric and kimono's, with a few hidden gem hand-craft stalls if you looked long enough! Not very touristy, very traditional and full of interesting things.

The Daizen-in temple was beautiful. The Zen garden was the most peaceful and relaxing day out we had, and the monks were lovely. A really enjoyable day, very spiritual and calm.

For shopping, the arcades near the Gion district uptown were best for the high fashion and popular stuff; as was the Kyoto Station shopping malls and the mega-mall across the street from the station. Perfect for anyone interested in shopping! Ranging from top-end prices to reasonable, sure to find something for everyone.

We ate at a different restaurant every night, but the one that stays with us was a Chinese on the top floor of the train station; good food, fairly priced, with an amazing view over the night-lit city as we ate. Otherwise, can recommend visiting small, local places, if just for the experience! Found a genuine locals Yakitori bar, and even though it was a lot simpler than some of the big places, the atmosphere was great.

Stray from the guide books, get lost, talk to people, do as much as you can. Have fun!
Posted on 30/4/2012 by Case

The Geisha Girls
Kyoto has a wonderful Geisha district, which is called Gion. There are loads of good restaurants here, not just Chinese ones, and some nice shops as well. However, we came to see the Geisha girls that we had heared so much about. They can often be seen around Gion Corner, with the apprentices (Maikos). they really were very beautiful and looked more like dolls than girls. Gion is a really nice district to check out anyway and there are a lot of cherry trees next to the roads and the Shirakawa River - they must be a picture when they flower in the spring.
Posted on 26/1/2008 by Malc Sugar

Sushi at Karawamachi
We came to Kyoto determined to get a taste of the Japanese culture and so we thought we'd have lunch at the sushi restaurant in the Karawamachi area. It was a lot of fun and various sushi dishes circulated past the diners on a long, circlar conveyor belt. When we saw something that we liked the look of, we just reached out and grabbed it - and ate it of course. Tasty, but not that filling. Could have done with a burger afterwards, but perhaps I'm just a bit of a philistine.
Posted on 19/7/2007 by Craig Cunningham

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