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The best party area of GC
When my girlfriend and I went to Zona Viva in the day time, we couldn't believe that it was meant to be the main party area as it was packed out with the business crowd and no one looked as though they had a party in them. We were told to keep the faith and head back later on and weren't disappointed. Although a little expensive, this is where all the action is on a typical night in Guatemala City.
Posted on 17/1/2012 by Emma Pitcher

A post office-turned-attraction-turned-landmark-turned concert hall
We casually bumped into the Edifico de Correos Central while out walking but learned later than it is featured in most guides as one of the key highlights of Guatemala City. This building has been around since the 20s and while once a post office, it's now one of the biggest landmarks around where the country's symphony orchestra performs on a regular basis.
Posted on 20/10/2010 by Sarah Evans

I never saw this anywhere else on my travels
I love monuments and Guatemala City pleased me and made the trip to central America from Europe worth every cent. Relief Map is what is says and here is map of GC lakes, river, road, are found here. This is unique concept that I never saw around Central America or anywhere else! You can do it yourself or be taken round by a guide.
Posted on 10/5/2010 by Rodrigo

There's something about the Mayans
Mr Ferry, I too regard the Mayan museum as the highlight of my time in Guatemala. Did you get the chance to talk to any actual Mayans either on the premises or away from them? We did and shall be returning next summer to stay with a few of them just outside of the capital. I recommend this attraction to all visitors!
Posted on 2/12/2009 by Lee Perrin

A reference point for all Mayan enthusiasts
We had other reasons for visiting central America and Guatemala but have always been interested in the indigenous Mayan people. At the Museo Ixchel del Traje Indigena, there are informative displays laden with textiles and clothing in addition to painting and sculptures. A personal highlight of our time in Guatemala City.
Posted on 24/10/2009 by G Ferry