Guatemala City Restaurants and Dining

(Guatemala City, Central Highlands, Guatemala)

Finding somewhere to eat in Guatemala City is rarely a problem. All budgets, as well as most tastes, are catered for, with street vendors, fast-food eateries, local chain restaurants and international dining establishments being available. Prices for eating out are naturally more expensive than elsewhere in Guatemala, although they are low for most tourists.

Dining out on local cuisine is a must at least once. While not world-renowned, Guatemalan food is diverse and tasty, and there is nowhere better than the capital city to taste it. In addition, Argentinean, Mexican and Spanish food is in abundance, along with restaurants specialising in American, Chinese, French, and Italian dishes.

What to Eat, and Where

Most of the best eateries in Guatemala City are downtown and within tourist areas, such as around (or near) the Plaza Mayor (Parque Central) and along the pedestrianised Cuatro Grados Norte in Zona 4. There are many cafes and nearby street vendors here, together with several top-end international eateries. Spanish and Mexican restaurants are particularly in abundance.

Guatemalans tend to make an evening of dining out, with the whole family spending hours in the same spot gorging on a plethora of dishes. This is especially so at weekends, although is not indicative of the general populace, with many Guatemalans still operating under the poverty line.

Guatemalan cuisine is tasty and a lot cheaper than anything else here. Popular dishes to try include 'kac lc' soup (involving seasoned turkey) and a guacamole dessert. For good street-food dining, try 'gauchitos' (scrambled egg patty) or perhaps 'shucos' (spicy hotdogs). These food carts are best found in Zona 5.

If you are not sure enough about the street food, there are always familiar fast-food restaurants to turn to, including McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's. The Guatemalan fast-food chain known as Pollo Campero is cheaper and worth experiencing.